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S&S Soap Sisters

Skin & Tonic foaming wash

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Forager by Feebee

Get fresh with this amazing Irish companies new foaming facewash, Skin & Tonic. A gentle, but deep cleansing daily wash that foams luxuriously with each pump, leaving your skin looking radiant and feeling beautifully cleansed.

Anti-wrinkle, prevents break outs, boosts cologen production, regenerates fresh skin cells, regulates sebum production, moisturises and evens skin tone.


Aloe Vera

Rosehip Seed Oil

Vitamin E

Witch Hazel

Apricot Kernel

Calendula Oil

Frankincense Ess Oil

Ylang-ylang Ess Oil

Lavender Ess Oil

Organic Castille

Rose Water

Tea Tree Oil

This product contains Calendula & Apricot Kernel which is not suitable for pregnant ladies.