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S&S Soap Sisters


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Forager by Feebee
50ml (with a little extra for luck)

Daily eye & face serum

Nature’s botox captured in this luxurious, silky smooth eye serum

For this devine, anti-wrinkle eye serum, used with the best, premium, organic ingredients, proven to adore and nurture your skin.

Each ingredient has been carefully selected for its therapeutic and caring benefits.

ALOE VERA GEL - cools and reduces puffiness, dark circles, while repairing damaged skin cells.

ROSEHIP SEED OIL - High in Vit A & C, reduces effects of wrinkles and corrects dark circles.

CALENDULA OIL - great for sensitive, oily and acne prone skin. Improves skin elasticity. Anti-bacterial and Anti-microbial properties.

GERANIUM ESSENTIAL OIL - Anti-microbial, anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory. Reduces acne breakouts

LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL - proven anti-bacterial properties that help heal acne, can help reduce wrinkles

VITAMIN E - nourishing, restorative and protective. Can help reduce the effects of UV damage

*Please Remember* only natural ingredients, oils may separate over time. This is completely natural and happens when there are no artificial binding ingredients. Simply stir the cream to blend the oils should you notice oil separation :)

*This product contains Calendula which is not suitable for pregnant ladies.