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S&S Soap Sisters

candle crafting & cocktail making

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"Embark on an enchanting journey of sensory delight with our Candle Making and Cocktail Crafting Class! Join us for an evening that ignites creativity and indulgence in equal measure.

Where : lilys bar main street portlaoise

Candle Making: Under the warm glow of creativity, learn the art of candle crafting. From selecting the perfect fragrance to mastering the delicate balance of wax, wick, and scent, you'll create your own personalized masterpiece. Unleash your inner artisan as you pour, and shape fragrant candles that tell your unique story.

Cocktail Crafting: Step into our mixology haven where expert bartenders guide you through the alchemy of cocktail creation. From shaken to stirred, muddled to mixed, discover the secrets behind crafting the perfect libation. Learn to balance flavors, select the finest ingredients, and garnish with flair, ensuring each sip is a symphony of taste.

What to Expect:

  • A hands-on candle making experience with a variety of scents to choose from.
  • Expert-led mixology class with a focus on crafting signature cocktails.
  • Socialize and unwind in a vibrant, creative atmosphere.
  • Take home your handmade candles and newfound mixology skills.

This class is not just about crafting; it's a celebration of senses, a fusion of artistry and mixology that promises an unforgettable evening of creation and connection. Join us and let the flicker of candlelight and the clink of cocktail glasses illuminate your night

please note these are very small workshops any cancellations after 72 hours notice are non refundable